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We do not know the extent of the backlog in Tennessee—there is only information about the backlog at the local level, which you can see here.

State Representative Antonio Parkinson introduced legislation on January 6, 2014, that would require all Tennessee law enforcement agencies to count the previously untested rape kits in their custody and then submit those kits to the crime lab for testing within six months of the law's effective date. As to newly collected rape kits, law enforcement agencies would be required to send them to the crime lab for testing within 10 business days of receipt. The crime lab would then have six months to process that evidence.

Another bill is pending that would require law enforcement agencies just to conduct an inventory of the untested rape kits in their custody and report the number to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) by July 1, 2014. TBI would then report the total number of untested kits to the legislature by September 1, 2014. 

As we have seen in the three states—Colorado, Illinois and Texas—that have enacted similar legislation, such reforms allow us to have a more accurate picture of the backlog. This can happen in Tennessee, too. Take action today to advocate for transparency and change from our elected officials.

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