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Urge your state legislators to make rape kit reform a priority this legislative season

A survivor's access to justice and healing should not depend on their ZIP code. While progress is happening, there is no state that meets the "gold standard" of rape kit reform. State lawmakers are forming their legislative priorities right now. Urge yours to make rape kit reform one of them. 


Thank Congress for critical funding

Since 2014, Congress has dedicated more than $40 million/year for a new grant program to address the backlog of untested rape kits. This initiative is now providing local communities the much-needed resources to analyze untested kits in their police storage facilities, create multi-disciplinary teams to investigate and prosecute cases connected to the backlog, and address the need for victim notification and re-engagement with the criminal justice system.

Please join us in thanking your members of Congress for their commitment to eliminating the backlog of untested rape kits across the country and urge them to sustain this grant program for Fiscal Year 2017, to allow even more jurisdictions to address their rape kit backlogs, apprehend perpetrators, and bring an opportunity for justice to survivors. 


Write your Governor

Your governor is a powerful advocate for reform. Urge him or her to ensure your state is doing all it can. 


We also invite you to stay informed and to raise awareness in your community.

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