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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
Scrutinizing sexual violence The Baltimore Sun Alex DeMetrick October 28, 2016
Changes coming to where, how rape exams are conducted in Nashville WBRC Fox 6 Tracy Kornet October 28, 2016
Rape kit testing to expand in Nashville Crossroads Today Tracy Kornet October 28, 2016
Thousands of rape kits remain untested across Maryland WBAL TV 11 David Collins October 28, 2016
Florida addresses untested rape kits with new law WINK News October 28, 2016
New data shows thousands of rape kits in Maryland have not been tested ABC2 News Mallory Sofastaii October 27, 2016
Victim sheds light on untested rape kits in Fla. NBC2 Rachel Polansky October 27, 2016
State crime lab clears untested rape kits backlog Argus Leader Mark Walker October 27, 2016
Man sentenced after cold case rape kits ID him in multiple attacks MLive Dominic Adams October 27, 2016
Thousands of rape kits go untested in Maryland Baltimore Sun Alison Knezevich and Catherine Rentz October 26, 2016
Sexual assault test kits can give people freedom, more control over assault The Badger Herald Vidushi Saxena October 25, 2016
MSU and U of M rivalry helps raise money for rape kit processing WWMT West Michigan Jessica Wheeler October 25, 2016
Advocates worry rape kit backlog will discourage victims, enable offenders Cronkite News Aida Chavez October 25, 2016
Rape kit testing aims to assist law enforcement nationally The Maui News Chris Sugidono October 21, 2016
How State Senator Katie Hobbs Is Working to Eliminate Arizona's Backlog of Untested Rape Kits Phoenix New Times Griselda Nevarez October 21, 2016
Rape kit research to expand with $3 million from U.S. Department of Justice The Daily October 20, 2016
Baltimore County Police Say Detectives Will Now Interview Every Rape Victim Buzzfeed Alex Campbell and Katie J.M. Baker October 20, 2016
Crime Writer Pushes for Progress in Rape-Kits Backlog After Her Assault Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen October 20, 2016
New rape evidence law in sync with sex assault statute of limitations Gloucester Times Katie Lannan October 19, 2016
How 110 untested rape kits could expose Chesterfield sexual predators WTVR Claudia Rupcich and Sandra Jones October 19, 2016
Doug Ducey Calls Rape Kit Task Force's Recommendations a 'Step in the Right Direction' Phoenix New Times Griselda Nevarez October 18, 2016
We Made A Difference For 25 Million Survivors Of Sexual Assault — Here's How You Can, Too Refinery29 Amanda Nguyen October 18, 2016
Gov. Ducey commits to cleaning hundreds of backlogged rape kits KTAR News Kathy Cline October 17, 2016
Montana Receives $2 Million to Test and Track Rape Kits Flathead Beacon Molly Priddy October 17, 2016
Regional crime lab moves closer to reality Centennial Colorado Jessica Gibbs October 17, 2016


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