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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
Report: Thousands of rape kits untested The Sentinel Joseph Luiz July 31, 2015
Untested rape kits to be released to police KMOV St. Louis Wesley Goheen July 31, 2015
New law calls on Minnesota cops to account for untested rape kits MPR News Riham Feshir July 31, 2015
Rape suspect arrested, charged 15 years after the alleged crime My FOX Memphis July 31, 2015
Amherst man convicted in rape case The News & Advance Justin Faulconer July 31, 2015
Suspect convicted of 1999 sexual assault Journal Gazette Rebecca S. Green July 30, 2015
Charlotte man charged with 2011 rape of Winthrop student WBTV Michael Clark July 30, 2015
Advocates Praise Passage of Law To Speed Transfer of Rape Kits CT News Junkie Christine Stuart July 30, 2015
Grady releasing 1,000 rape kits withheld from law enforcement Atlanta Journal-Constitution Willoughby Mariano July 30, 2015
Man arrested in 15-year-old Memphis rape case Commercial Appeal Yolanda Jones July 30, 2015
Delayed prosecution in some rape kit cases unfair to defendants, appeals court decides Rachel Dissell July 30, 2015
Rape charges filed after kit is tested 13 years later News Channel 3 George Brown July 30, 2015
Officials: Untested rape kits could cause delays, injustice Floyd County Times Sheldon Compton July 30, 2015
Rape kit tested 13 years later, arrest made 15 years after attack WMAC Action News 5 Kontji Anthony July 30, 2015
Stories clash as trial revives '99 cold case The Journal Gazette Jeff Wiehe July 30, 2015
Rape Kits Go Untested WUNC 91.5 Phoebe Judge & Hady Mawajdeh July 29, 2015
Gov. Scott Walker: What Are You Doing To Clear Rape Kit Backlog? Blue Nation Review Jimmy Williams July 29, 2015
Man arrested in cold case a suspect in 6 rapes Dallas Morning News Naomi Martin July 29, 2015
Opinion: Virginia needs to provide funding to process untested rape kits Daily Press July 29, 2015
Neglected 'rape kits' demoralize victims: Our view USA TODAY Editorial Board July 28, 2015
Victim: Suspect DNA kits need to be tested #TestTheKits ABC 13 News Now Laura Geller July 28, 2015
States with the worst rape kit backlogs Boing Boing Andrea James July 28, 2015
Setback for man suing over wrongful conviction in Lake Co. rape case Chicago Tribune Dan Hinkel July 27, 2015
More than 70,000 sexual assault kits untested San Diego 6 Carlos Correa July 27, 2015
Alderman to hold hearing on untested rape kits Chicago Tribune John Byrne July 27, 2015


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