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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
Audit finds 'unprecedented' backlog of rape kit testing Boston Herald Matt Stout October 23, 2013
A key to prosecuting rape The Atlanta Journal Constitution Sarah Tofte September 6, 2013
The science of stopping sex crimes City Pages Judy Keen September 3, 2013
DeWine releases September update on sexual assault kit testing initiative Pike County Daily Office of Attorney General Mike DeWine September 2, 2013
Wayne County Prosecutor's Office works to test 11,000 Detroit rape kits to reveal suspects Click On Detroit Chauncey Glover August 30, 2013
Work to end the rape kit backlog The Tampa Tribune Sarah Tofte August 30, 2013
Why rapists have a 76 percent chance of getting away with the crime The Birmingham News Sarah Tofte August 25, 2013
Justice for survivors of sexual assault Sarah Tofte August 20, 2013
Guest Blog Sarah Tofte: Police often abandoned rape kits and investigations The Cleveland Plain Dealer Sarah Tofte August 6, 2013
Finally, thousands of old rape-evidence kits are to be tested The New York Times Julian Aguilar August 3, 2013
DeWine releases August update on sexual assault kit testing initiative Pike County Daily Office of Attorney General Mike DeWine August 2, 2013
A race for justice: Prosecutor's rape kit task force chases decades-old cases with little time left The Cleveland Plain Dealer Leila Atassi, Rachel Dissell August 1, 2013
Cleveland, it's time to talk about rape... Old evidence brings new answers The Cleveland Plain Dealer David I. Anderson July 30, 2013
Thousands of rape kits left untested in Ohio Nick McGill July 30, 2013
Rape kits indictment: Delbert Buckwald The Cleveland Plain Dealer Rachel Dissell July 23, 2013
Rape kits still untested by TBI WREG 4 Cindy Wolff July 23, 2013
Fort Worth hopes to win grant to help overcome rape kit backlog WFAA 8 (ABC) Jim Douglas July 16, 2013
To catch a rapist: the true saga of an evidence backlog The Santa Barbara Independent Susan Rose July 11, 2013
Phoenix police to test more rape kits after ABC15 Investigation ABC15 Lauren Gilger June 18, 2013
Hank investigates: shocking backlog in DNA testing of rape kits WHDH NBC Hank Phillippi Ryan June 11, 2013
Michigan House approves budget bill aimed at reducing backlog of untested rape kits in Detroit Tim Martin June 6, 2013
Wayne County must put safety of its communities first: Sarah Tofte Detroit Free Press Sarah Tofte June 6, 2013
Rape kit testing bill introduced after CALL7 investigation signed by Gov. Hickenlooper Wednesday ABC7 Denver Keli Rabon, Arthur Kane June 6, 2013
$4 million to help Wayne County deal with backlog in testing rape kits Michigan Radio Rick Pluta June 5, 2013
McNulty's measure to eliminate rape kit backlog signed into law Colorado House GOP Rep. Frank McNulty June 5, 2013


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