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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Worthy: Detroit rape kit backlog nearly cleared but more work ahead Detroit Free Press Katrease Stafford July 18, 2015
1,200 rape kits left untested in Sedgwick County Madeline Anderson July 17, 2015
Money Alone Won't Solve the Rape-Kit Backlog NY Magazine Erica Schwiegerhausen July 17, 2015
DA addresses concerns over "untested" sexual assault kits Eyewitness News 12 Lauren Seabrook July 17, 2015
Gov. Kasich signs bill extending period to prosecute rape, sexual battery WLWT Karin Johnson July 17, 2015
Detroit rape kit backlog nearly completed Click On Detroit July 17, 2015
Police: Wisconsin man arrested on drug charges is linked to 1999 RI rape through DNA sample Star Tribune Associated Press July 17, 2015
Specially-trained nurses help put rapists in jail KSDK PJ Randhawa July 17, 2015
Central Falls man sentenced to prison for sexual assault WPRI Associated Press July 17, 2015
Untested rape kits demand audit, Iowa officials say Des Moines Register MacKenzie Elmer July 17, 2015
Police grapple with prioritizing untested rape kits FDL Reporter Keegan Kyle July 17, 2015
Rape kits go untested in Charlotte crimes NBC Charlotte Michelle Boudin July 17, 2015
Thousands of rape kits in Tampa Bay go untested 10 News Mike Deeson July 17, 2015
Over 5,000 rape kits never tested in Florida, over 1,000 in Tampa Sun Times Shamontiel Vaughn July 17, 2015
Wichita police have 1,125 sexual assault kits untested for DNA Wichita Eagle Matt Riedl July 17, 2015
Investigation shows sex assault kits often underreported WWLTV Katie Moore July 17, 2015
At least 148 rape kits in Tippecanoe not tested JConline Steven Porter July 17, 2015
No action on rape kits despite new laws, federal money USA Today Steve Reilly July 17, 2015
#TestTheKits Ohio at forefront of rape kit testing WKYC Monica Robins July 17, 2015
Work continues to test Detroit rape kits found in 2009 Chron July 17, 2015
Kasich Praised For Signing Statute of Limitations For Rape Kit Testing WTAM 1100 July 17, 2015
Pressure builds to ensure all rape kits are tested King 5 News Linda Byron July 17, 2015
Test the kits: Thousands of sexual assault kits untested across Tennessee Samantha Kubota July 17, 2015
What comes next: SAPD's rape kit backlog completed KENS 5 Bailey McGowan July 17, 2015
Policies differ for "rape kit" tracking amongst police 12 News Joe Dana July 17, 2015


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