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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

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Kentucky AG Andy Beshear to offer sexual assault cold case training on SAFE Kit Backlog KFVS 12 Joshua Murray April 4, 2017
State will standardize collection, testing of sexual assault kits Independent Record Holly K. Michels April 4, 2017
MT DOJ provides update on backlog of sexual assault test kits KPAX John Riley April 3, 2017
Lawmakers set to pass rape kit retention bill, but not mandatory testing The Baltimore Sun Catherine Rentz April 3, 2017
Former Detroit Lion is raising money to test rape kits Detroit Metro Times Lee DeVito April 3, 2017
Serial indifference Houston Chronicle Anita Hassan April 3, 2017
Scope of untested rape evidence expands Post-Crescent Keegan Kyle April 3, 2017
What happened to Detroit's untested rape kits? Detroit Free Press Kristen Jordan Shamus April 2, 2017
Guest opinion: Changing the way we talk about rape Billings Gazette Beth Wiley April 2, 2017
Bill Grappling with Massive Backlog of Sexual Assault Kits Likely Headed to House Floor Alaska Commons Craig Tuten April 2, 2017
Harris County authorities charged a convicted rapist again and again. So why was he still out on the streets assaulting homeless women? Houston Chronicle Anita Hassan April 2, 2017
Women: Trump budget cuts could victimize us again Detroit Free Press Kristen Jordan Shamus April 1, 2017
In Pursuit of Justice State Legislatures Magazine Rich Williams April 1, 2017
Samantha Bee revisits crazy way the Georgia rape kit bill passed last year using animation Rodney Ho April 1, 2017
Greeley authorities and advocates discuss Colorado’s statute of limitations on rape The Tribune Tommy Simmons April 1, 2017
Cleveland man charged in three cold-case rapes Cory Shaffer March 31, 2017
Editorial: Cost of justice should not be delayed Amarillo Globe-News Amarillo Globe-News Editorial Board March 30, 2017
State will test about two-thirds of 6K untested rape kits, attorney general says WiscNews Molly Beck March 30, 2017
Samantha Bee Goes Full ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ With Video About Rape Kit Bill The Huffington Post Jenna Amatulli March 30, 2017
WI Attorney General: state will test two-thirds of 6K untested rape kits WMTV Morgan Wolfe March 30, 2017
Rape kit law speeds up testing process The Spectrum Emily Havens March 29, 2017
Attorney General Beshear Talks Rape Kit Testing, Open Records Lawsuit WEKU Lisa Autry March 29, 2017
Detroit rape kit problem continued for years after initial discovery MLive Gus Burns March 29, 2017
Nathan Ford, linked to at least 15 Cleveland rapes, blames 'irresistible impulses' The Plain Dealer Rachel Dissell March 29, 2017
Our View: Maine’s handling of sexual assault evidence deserves closer study Portland Press Herald Portland Press Herald Editorial Board March 29, 2017


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