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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
More than 3,000 rape kits untested in Kentucky, report finds Adam Bean September 21, 2015
Testing Rape Kit Backlog Just the First Step KUNR Carrie Kaufman, Michelle Bliss, KNPR September 21, 2015
Rape kit testing: Where is the funding? WFPL Ryland Barton September 21, 2015
DNA led to murder suspect in 1985 Chicago-area cold case Washington Times September 21, 2015
State auditor: A "stomach-turning' 3,090 sexual assault kits remain untested in Kentucky Jack Brammer September 21, 2015
Rape kit testing gets much needed funding Sammamish Review September 21, 2015
Grant allows for collaboration between authorities, sex assault victims Duluth News Tribune Tom Olsen September 21, 2015
Rape kit testing: where is the funding? The Ledger Clifford Parody September 21, 2015
Writing a new story Star Beacon September 20, 2015
Make War On Rapists, Not Drugs Emory Wheel Safiyah Bharwani September 20, 2015
An arbitrary statute of limitations on sexual assault Denver Post Denver Post Editorial Board September 19, 2015
Man arrested in robbery, sexual assault that happened in 1992 Press Enterprise Brian Rokos September 19, 2015
State Auditor says report to be released on untested rape kits WKYT September 19, 2015
Portland Police's culture of 'I didn't know': Editorial Agenda 2015 Oregonian Editorial Board September 19, 2015
Auditor says report to be released on untested rape kits SeattlePI September 19, 2015
Florida must clear rape kit backlog Sun Sentinel Editorial Board Sun Sentinel September 19, 2015
Maricopa County to test rape kits with no "no evidentiary value" 12 News Joe Dana September 18, 2015
State Auditor to release untested rape kit report WHAS 11 ABC September 18, 2015
Plano man sentenced to 70 years for aggravated sexual assault Press Releases September 18, 2015
Legislation requires all rape kits to be tested News 4 Jax Mike Vasilinda September 18, 2015
Proposed bill could help speed up Florida rape investigations ABC 7 My Suncoast September 18, 2015
Our View: Improve DNA testing of rape kits Panama City News Herald September 18, 2015
Legislation Sets Rape Kit Testing Deadline Capitol News Services Mike Vasilinda September 18, 2015
Grant awarded to test rape kits Turlock Journal September 18, 2015
Work group on untested rape kits meets for first time 13 News Now Laura Geller September 18, 2015


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