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In this section, you can find an archive of information about the rape kit backlog, including news from across the country, investigative reports that have uncovered backlogs, op-eds from journalists and reformers, legislation and policy reports, government publications and more. Browse by date or by category below.

Title Source Author(s) Post Datesort ascending
NYPD captain apologizes after saying ‘true stranger rapes’ are more troubling than others The Washington Post Amy B. Wang January 10, 2017
Let's Talk About It: 'Hundreds of thousands' of rape kits are sitting on shelves Ionia Sentinel-Standard January 9, 2017
Bill would remove force requirement from Montana rape laws Independent Record Holly Michels January 8, 2017
Missoulian Editorial: Updating Montana's rape laws Missoulian Missoulian Editorial Board January 8, 2017
Aiding those in recovery Leader and Times January 7, 2017
Bill would change definition of consent in Montana rape laws Montana Standard Holly Michels January 6, 2017
City considers adding 2 detectives for rape kit cold cases News 4 JAX David Benfield January 6, 2017
City takes steps to cut rape kit backlog Albuquerque Journal Dan McKay January 5, 2017
County police to start testing nearly all rape kits Capital Gazette Megan Brockett January 5, 2017
9 investigates backlog of rape cases in Volusia County WFTV 9 January 5, 2017
Police Said They Couldn’t Find the Men Who Gang-Raped This Woman While Her 2-Year-Old Watched. Then Another Woman Was Raped. Cosmopolitan Andy Kopsa January 5, 2017
Report: backlog of 3,700 untested rape kits are a result of inconsistant policies across the state WMAR Catherine Hawley January 5, 2017
City Council passes resolution to address rape kit backlog KOB4 Kasia Gregorcyzyk January 5, 2017
Changing the culture of rape investigation The Baltimore Sun Baltimore Sun Editorial Board January 4, 2017
Ohio AG Announces 12,000 Rape Kits Tested Circleville Herald Jennifer Bahney January 4, 2017
Statewide policy needed to test sexual assault kits, report finds WBAL TV Kai Reed January 4, 2017
No end in sight for clearing backlog of 1,000 Austin Police Department DNA kits Community Impact Christopher Neely January 3, 2017
Attorney General's report calls for statewide standards on rape kits The Baltimore Sun Alison Knezevich January 3, 2017
Report: Maryland has 3,700 untested rape kits WYPR Rachel Baye January 3, 2017
Baltimore County police to keep untested rape kits indefinitely WBAL TV Adam May January 3, 2017
Man arrested in 2005 rape case brought to Lane County The Register-Guard Chelsea Gorrow December 31, 2016
Unearthing problems can help solve them The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Shawn McIntosh December 31, 2016
Expand rape-kit testing The Spokesman-Review Spokesman-Review Editorial Board December 30, 2016
Four Texas Cities have high rates of "unfounded" rape cases Texas Standard Becky Fogel December 30, 2016
Suspect sought after DNA match revives '99 rape case WTOP Mike Murillo December 30, 2016


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