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We do not know the extent of the backlog in Charlotte. Like most other jurisdictions, this city does not require the tracking or counting of untested rape kits. Take action today to advocate for transparency and change from our elected officials.


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The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department is the only North Carolina police department with its own crime lab. In 2012, the Department's Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit, which launched in 2006, received a $500,000 federal grant. The Department uses this funding to staff five positions, including a DNA analyst and prosecutor, which will help to clear approximately 2,000 cases. A previous grant allowed the Department to clear 120 cases, resulting in 27 convictions and 41 arrests.  

  • Local News has not identified any news specific to this location. Please see below for national news on the rape kit backlog and efforts to eliminate it. To advocate for greater transparency, click here

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