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In September 2015, an audit revealed at least 3,090 untested rape kits in Kentucky. Testing is currently in progress, and legislation is currently pending that would require law enforcement agencies to submit all rape kits for testing moving forward.


The audit, conducted by Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen, was a result of a law passed in March 2015. It revealed 3,090 untested rape kits in the state: 1,859 untested kits in 87 law enforcement agencies and 1,231 untested kits at the Kentucky State Police laboratory. That same month, September 2015, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office announced the Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratories was awarded $1,988,507 in funding to test 3,300 rape kits.

Current Legislation

Legislation that is currently pending, SB-63, would further rape kit reform in Kentucky, requiring law enforcement agencies to collect rape kits within 5 days and submit the rape kits to the lab within 30 days. Additionally, it would require faster lab analysis time: 90 days by 2018 and 60 days by 2020. Finally, it would also establish a process for notifying victims of the progress of their case. It allocates $5 million for the purchase of laboratory equipment needed to complete rape kit testing.

Since the March 2015 legislation was signed into law, we have urged lawmakers in Kentucky to take additional steps towards comprehensive reform, including requiring that all rape kits booked into evidence are tested. This legislation is a step forward in Kentucky, and we will continue to monitor this reform and update this page it develops. 

Join us and take action today to advocate for transparency and change from our elected officials.

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As reported by the Kentucky State Auditor's Office in September 2015

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On July 29, 2014, WLKY reported that the Louisville Metro Police Department had approximately 4,700 "DNA kits" in its custody, but it was unclear how many of those kits were connected to sexual assaults and how many were untested. The Department was able to confirm that it had 350 untested rape kits dating back to 2010.

In May 2015, the Lexington Police Department reported 283 untested kits in response to the statewide audit.

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