The Backlog:


We do not know the extent of the backlog in Hawai‘i, however a report from 2016 revealed at least 1,500 untested sexual assault kits stored at the Honolulu Police Department. 

In May 2016, legislators in Hawai‘i passed HB-1907 which requires a statewide audit of untested rape kits and a report with procedural recommendations by the Attorney General that includes input from community stakeholders. It ensures the testing of all previously backlogged and untested rape kits by 2018, and mandates the swift testing of all new kits starting in 2017. Joyful Heart representatives testified nine times on behalf of rape kit reform in Hawai'i and are proud and appreciative of all the legislators who supported this important legislation. 

Hawai‘i has now joined the growing number of states that have passed laws requiring sexual assault kit audits or some type of mandatory submission guidelines. These laws will expand what we know about the true extent of the number of untested rape kits and will result in thousands of cases for law enforcement to investigate and prosecute.  

Join us and take action today to advocate for transparency and change from our elected officials.

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*Currently, there is no statewide number, however a 2016 report revealed 1,500 untested kits at Honolulu Police Department

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